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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, February 12222

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If you answer the call when it comes. Step back and take note of all that has grown in your life. What has your willingness to speak up, state your intentions and be a part of the conversation brought you in return? Step back and take note of what the cost has been. Is it worth the reward? What kind of initiation has putting yourself out there been?

What have you learned about security and the stifling nature of playing it safe? Balance between inspiration and integrating the facts.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Balance discernment with encouragement and appreciate all that you have cultivated in and through all your communications. Not everything will be worth the effort. Not every bright idea is meant to grow into an empire. Not every ball can stay up in the air indefinitely. Eventually all the big plans drop down into a reality where they need to be made manifest or are used to illustrate what we were not able to get going or did not, in the end, want or need to.

What have the last 6 months taught you about the nature of growing yourself into the professional you want to be. How have these efforts positively effected your self-worth? How has your own ability to value them increased your belief in them? How has appreciating this part of yourself allowed you to learn more about what you are actually capable of doing?

You can expect to experience the accumulation of recent successes. You will most likely notice the effects of your efforts. Take a look. What kind of spotlight spies you. Do you like what about you is being illuminated? Are you being noticed for what you want to work on more? Are you able to appreciate the part of yourself that is showing up? Notice who is around you, helping to cross pollinate and fertilize your full bloom. Notice who is working with you. Notice who helps to potentialize your vision. Notice who helps to bring your work out to the parts of the world where it will find new homes.

Notice who has the vision to take your version of your work and find new ways to spin it. The next month is full of very interesting partnership options. You need them. They need you. But make sure your go-tos can get you where you want to, and need to, go. Get present. Get interested in your imagination.

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Get your inspiration game going strong. There is much that could distract you right now. There is much for you to be lost in. There are a million ways to piss away the day. We are talking about exploring it.

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Space in, not out. Let yourself have a break, but really have it. Turn off the background noise. Turn off the static. Tune in to yourself. Have fun. Play with pleasure. Be in love. Take time to create. But also see what communications come your way that help you to innovate your relationship to joy. Beside you. In you. Around you. You have the right to be happy. You have the right to take a moment to feel that happy. You have a right to share that happy. Do so with the ones that are willing to receive it and reflect it.

The folks that support you. The folks that share your hopes. And dreams.

Virgo Horoscope – Virgo Predictions | recamenfau.tk

And schemes for the future. Gather with them. Celebrate them.

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